Monday, 11 August 2008


I thought I'd try posting something a little different for a change so here is a poem I wrote a few years ago. No, this is not just a way of still posting without effort. Okay maybe it is. .

The raging fire, blinding and roaring,
Unforgiving merciless, reaching out clawing,
To expand his domain, ungraciously to feed,
His hunger for power, to express the need,
His lust for control, a burning desire,
To consume all before him in his searing attire,
A blackened wasteland left in his wake,
A smouldering desert, from which he did take,
The joy and the soul, the essence of life,
Left behind a land of bitterness, strife,
A desolate expanse, nothing less nothing more,
Than a city of ashes, glowing embers on the floor.

Jemma Collins, 14

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Tony said...

Wow, thats pretty darn good, haha wish i could write like that :P

Welcome back from sunny spain too...slight shock seeing british weather again eh?