Tuesday, 6 May 2008

The Kissing Game

Are you also one of those people who also aimlessly wonders through profiles when you find yourself extremely bored? I am also one of those people. I'll browse your quizzes, polls, blogs, photos... Ah yes... Photos?? So I'm mindlessly bumbling along looking at photos, laughing at stupid poses and smiling at cute pictures then WHAM - a close up shot of the happy couple kissing each other. Now don't get me wrong I'm not immune to the cuteness/sweetness factor of these images. I have (believe it or not) myself smiled and thought "aww.." and even *shock horror* been inclined to leave a comment.

But when I find myself confronted with a whole album of the pair eating each others faces I start to become slightly disturbed (as well as hastily reaching for the sick bucket). Now one or two I understand (sort of), but the sheer volume presented to me by some people makes me feel somewhat perplexed. Now I'm no expert in either the field of kissing or photography but even my simple mind can grasp the concept of both and I'm not quite sure how the two could possibly mix together? Is there some third wheel constantly snapping away whilst shouting directions?

"Lean in a bit... ah yes much better..nope more to the left.. okay hang on.."
*Third wheel gets up and physically moves the couples facial position*

Now I'm not exactly an old fashioned codger with 19th century views on life, in fact I consider myself very open minded but this vision is one which leaves me feeling a tad nauseated. Yes I admit I maybe take the whole idea a slight overboard, but the general notion still remains. I mean is it just me that feels a tad uncomfortable when you're surrounded by a group of people snogging each other? I mean most people can just about handle a quiet couple in the corner but close up photography?

And no, before some bright spark pipes up and says "maybe the couple take it themselves" I struggle with that to. Not that I'd know for sure considering I've never taken a picture of myself locking lips with someone (frankly I'd be fairly flabbergasted if a guy went and said "Let's take a photo of us kissing for my bebo". Sorry but it's just appears like a newage, legal pornography to me..)but surely having one of the pair sticking their arm about and trying to take a photo takes all the passion/romance/excitement/"what-ever-else-goes" out of the kiss. And how exactly do you propose to take a decent photo with your eyes closed??

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