Sunday, 11 May 2008

The sun has got his hat on.... but where's mine?

Please, everyone refrain from falling off your chairs in shock - I'm about to drop a bombshell...
It looks like it could be summertime??

Well in reality, I'm more than certain actually since as I sit here now my legs look about as red as a phone box and are burning like fire despite the twenty tonnes of after sun which had been lavished upon my poor walking friends. However I digress, this was not the dawning of my summer realization.

Now cast your minds back to those first few summer day a few weeks ago. No one could have predicted. So, I'm sat at school sweltering away in my black flares and by the time I return home I'm surprised I haven't fainted from the sheer heat of which I've endured. First things first - change of clothes I think. So as I fling open my wardrobe what do I find? Piles of thick, warm snugly hoodies. Rows of dark skinny jeans. And a fair few rock tees. It hits me like a tidal wave - what happened to me last winter? Do I not own one single summer garment suitable for hot weather wear? Apparently not.

After turning my wardrobe quite literally upside down all I've managed to obtain is three poultry pairs of shorts, which on inspection are probably only now fit for a barbie doll to wear and a few primark t-shirts which are a tad past their prime.. Now this is OK considering I only need to be wearing this stuff behind the barricade of my own four walls and possibly my garden if there's no prowling neighbours about, however what am I expected to do at weekends?

Now don't get me wrong I like my style and the way it's progressed over the winter. The skinny jeans. The converse. The rock tees. Black eyeliner. Yes okay, I admit I am a little bit of a wannabe emo but I like the way I look. But none of this attire is exactly practical in the scorching summer heat which leaves me practically dreaming and lusting over a nice pair of denim shorts, a gorgeous summer skirt, a waistcoat and shirt combo and that perfect summer hat.

Yet when I happen to mention any of these items to my loving mother she appears to almost recoil in shock. Yes I do no these are a bit extreme in my taste however it's HOT.

Way to hot for that wannabe emo look..... Time to remake this girl once again.

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