Thursday, 29 May 2008

Go and get yours now.. while stocks last!

Has anyone else noticed the growing trend of more and more bloggers breaking out from the seemingly perfectly comfortable confides of their web space and spreading their wing's, perhaps most noticeably the new novel published my Tom "Very Nearly Random" Collins?

I have and I must say It's one darn good idea. Get to write exclusive content you won't put on your blog and people will buy it to read it... Ka Ching!! So I thought it's time I stuck my oar in and jumped on the band wagon while it's still rolling.

However I decided that I simple could just not be bothered to spend a whole summer writing stuff which I'd never get to post. However never fear my loyal public.. I have another wonder up my sleeves...

So around two years ago it's the birthday of my little sister and we end up going to some place called a "gnome reserve". Basically the idea revolves around a almost unattended garden with a load of gnomes plonked around willy nilly. But I have to admit it was a laugh at the time. Didn't think much of it when some man comes along snapping away with his camera..

"Everyone look at the sunflowers..."

Then just today I look at the leaflet. We're in it. So everyone go grab yours now!!

The Bambi-Poppins Endorsed Leaflet!!

In two full colour glossy sides of A4 this leaflet will possibly provide you with up to a minute of high octane fun!

Read the text, marvell at attemped humour, play where's bambi (basically where's wally but with me) and stick a picture of me on your wall! Or take a photo.. Like me :D

Available now at all good Tourist Informations..

Wouldn't it be great if we could get this leaflet out of stock? Let's go for it!


The Girl said...

Oh now I get it...

Lolage. Bambi Poppins. Finally getting the publicity she deserves.

You never know, next week you could be famous.

I have an acomplishment along the lines of this one too... I'm on the Bluecoat school sign. Hehe. We're making history.

yang said...

your blog is nice too.
what a cool name you got there, your blog name.

what's your real name?

this is your final year in your secondary school right? good luck


Anonymous said...

my blog is

hope to hear from you again :)

Jessica Marie said...

Who is this??
And do i no u?

yang said...

hi jem. i would love to hear what your nick means. haha. if you have the time to tell me. my name is wee yang.
english name is vince (common name right?)

where are you living? how's the weather like at your country now adays? i am staying in singapore, small small country. haha.

good luck for your english exam. when is your english exam? end of the year?

where do you plan to go after your secondary school?

well, i barely pass my O level during my 17 years old. can't really understand science and math. haha. was better in art.

sorry for the late reply, was busy this few days. just got back home, went to upgrade my bicycle just now. and sorry for typing so long. hope you don't mind. haha. nice chatting with you. :)

yang said...

forget to add 1 important thing

after reading your blog, i was like wow. really impress with your english, guess your english exam won't be a problem to you. :P haha. hope to learn english from you. haha.

voodoo said...

hi... i am fine with any name. haha. oh. you are ill?? have you seen a doctor? what illness? flu?
take care.

is it very hot at your country? my sister just went to japan yesterday, and is raining there. well, it didn't rain much in Singapore since friday. haha...
so how was your english and math exam? wow. uni? haha... good luck..
i still got a long way to go if i want to go to uni. if my result is good. haha.

what subject are you strong in?
do you have msn or friendster??
my msn is
add me if want to. :)

i really didn't do well in my O's. haha... i just went for my first driving lesson. was fun and scary. haha.

i am going to sleep. good nitez.
is 1.33am in singapore now, it should be 18.33pm at your side right? haha. bye :)