Wednesday, 7 May 2008

I see you!!!

Now as far as I was aware seeing was a matter concerned with the eyes, light reflects off a said object, is focused by a lens in my eye onto the retina of my and eye and low and behold:- I see the toothpaste! However the word has now apparently taken on a whole new meaning (or perhaps more aptly a confusion) completely unbeknown to me. So as I stumble into school, bleary eyed and zombified of a Monday morning at first I don't think I'm hearing things right as I collapse into my chair.

"Oh I was seeing Johnathan* for three months before we went out"
"But we're still only seeing each other and we've been seeing each for what seems an age"

Or words to that effect. Now am I the only one who seems to fins the concept of seeing someone bizarre? From what I gathered from the conversation seeing someone is kind of like a halfway house between "just friends" and "going out". I see lots of things with my eyes on a daily basis yet that doesn't mean I'm up for intimate relationships with my bookshelf. So excuse my idiocity but what kind of compromise can there be with regards to going out?

As with most things I don't understand in this world I decided to do some research on the topic. What I unearthed was what I found somewhat disturbing. According to the majority of sites on the net "seeing someone" is basically just going out without the commitment part. Apparently it's also socially acceptable to "see" more than one person at once too.. Does it not appear to anyone else that seeing someone is just an extension of a one night stand? One night stand. Pulling. Whatever. You know what you're in for - it's a one off. Both participants are aware of the fact and dare I say it harmless fun? Seeing however, appears to be a whole new kettle of fish entirely.. Anyone ever heard of the term "friends with benefits"? Where's the fulfillment and love in that I ask?

In my struggle in finding a clear definition for the term I noticed various variations of understanding ranging from what can only be put as "friend with benefits" to a full blown, commitment filled relationship. So when you and a person both have the "understanding" that you're seeing each other it's more than likely you don't understand what's going on at all.
Now call me simplistic here but how's this for a game of chess -
You're going out exclusively with one person. Or your not. Your single.


Hattie said...

Seriously cool piccy thing at the top of the page Bambi! I'm impressed!

You're getting very techno-wise these days. Or you're showing it off more. I dunno which.

Oh yeah, blog good too.

Hehe bambi poppins!

The Girl said...

I bet your bookshelf feels rejected now... lol.

Jem said...

Oh didddums....
The poor bookshelf...

Well actually it went off and eloped with the chest of drawers..

Tom said...

Too right. Also, love is too much of a depensable commedity these days.

And besides, what's love? Here, a quote from a friend's Bebo page about his girlfriend (slightly changed):

shes gooorgeous!
a super duper kisser!
she compliments me lots
she loves be back

Has he not just taken all the clichés from cliché book? And aren't they exactly the same things he said to his last six girlfriends? Let's be frank; he's not actually said why he loves her. (Or dare I ask, does he really love her?)