Monday, 14 July 2008

Moaning Old Grump?

So I've been here just over two months now and have clocked up over 20 posts and hundreds of visitors. Pretty impressive eh? However over a convosation with a friend something dawned on me. As we sat drinking our luxurious hot chocolates with cream, marshmellows, sprinkles, flake and a square of chocolate (pure indulgence. . .with a price tag to match) my friend delightfully asks me when exactly it was I turning into a moaning old hag at 16. After my intinal burst of anguish and a period of sulking into my steaming mug (which only proceeded in steaming up my glasses) I begun to understand where she's coming from. Looking back I seem to have moaned in every single one of them, and I still have a massive store of ideas in my head ready for use, and yes you guessed it, they all involve me whinging about something.

Now I seem to be in my element talking about stupid little things and making them into a massive earth shattering problem which should be given our instant attention. It also I like to think adds a little humour to our everyday lives. If you turn the televison on to any news channnel then prepare yourself to be bombarded with doom and gloom. Now I'm not belittling these depressing tales but everyone needs a little bit of sunshine in their lives. Although I do conceed that ranting about telephones is a bit of an odd way to go about it. But if I am depressing anyone else or making me sound like an obsessive freak then feel free to let me know :)


Tony said...

Ahh dont worry it's not moaning, it's.....creative criticism!

And im glad you still have ideas, I kinda noticed that my bloggyness is slipping into the realm of no inspiration :P

some random guy writing about random things said...

yes worry it is moaning
have u eva tried ritin sumtin happy before

i also am startin to run out of ideas
damn your superior interlect
oh yes and y the hell cant i post a comment with out havin to type in a load of random meaningless letters first

Tom said...

Oh my goodness!
I'm the same.
It's terrible. In fact, I haven't written for so long precisely because most of the things I come out with are moans, moans and many more moans.
I try not to, but I really can't help it.
Maybe we've grown old too quickly? It pains me to think about it. I'll probably start moaning about that too now.

Anywho... Fantastic to see you have a blog. I'm just annoyed I didn't discover it earlier. It's only because I was aimlessly kicking around Bebo and found your page and subsequently the link that I'm here now. A lot of good stuff here, too.

And now for a bit of shameless promotion; by book will be available to order from bookshops in a couple of weeks so if you want to be bored out of your brain by it I encourage you to purchase!

Seeing as our blogs are similar (you'll probably hate me for saying that) how do you fancy doing a link exchange- ie. you give me an image for my blog that I can link to yours and vice versa. Contact me on that contact form thingamy on my blog if you're interested. (I don't blame you if you're not!)

See you at College in September. It's a weird and occasionally wonderful place.

From Very Nearly Random Tom

Tom said...

Well there's a doodle. Turns out you've already got a link to my blog. I feel very embarrassed to have asked... and also very honoured.

How about a proper link exchange though... with proper images and everything...?