Monday, 7 July 2008

Doctors & Diets. . . Definitely Disasters

I am one of those irritating people who never get ill. The whole world could be dying a painful death from a mutating virus and I'll be just dandy. Sitting eating a large bar of galaxy no doubt. Normally.

How delightful to spend a whole 12 hours (yes I counted) throwing up the contents of your stomach. However I would like to add that I was very graceful in the act and only threw up in the least obstructive places. Considerate aren't I? I won't continue listing my symptoms and state at the time of the illness as some of you would probably turn away in disgust and run to the hills. But moving swiftly onwards from that delightful note I decided that in a last ditch attempt to stop this horror to call the local doctors surgery. Now I understand they have appointments, emergencies and patients to see but this is ridiculous. There is not one single, even half way qualified person free to speak on the phone for a few seconds. So I'll just go back to throwing up shall I? Finally an hour later (in which time I could have quite possibly in some instances died) a doctor finally rings us back for a telephone conversation. Sorry but a telephone conversation? Hardly an adequate diagnosis really when you also add in the factor that the doctor is extremely chauvinistic and as soon as he realises he talking to a teenage girl he has dismissed all possibility I could actually be ill. So after much instance and unnecessary bother, whilst I must re-stress I'm ill, I am finally allocated an appointment.

So after we've all managed to get over this massive pretence that I simply can't be ill due to the fact I'm a teenage girl and it can't be ignored any longer am I going to get told what's wrong? Am I heck! I'm told it could be one of several things so we'll have to wait for it to happen again before we come to any conclusions. So let me get this straight - I have to go through this again before you can help me? Though I am told that I could stay off dairy, just to be on the safe side. So without any guidance on what I should eat instead, I'm left floundering before I even get to breakfast. Porridge? Cereal? Toast? Yogurt? All contain dairy. By the time it gets to lunch I am majorly sick of this regime. No chocolate, cake, ice cream, milk, butter - in fact just about anything nice. By the evening I've already thrown in the towel and eaten numerous chocolate bars, cake, ice cream and had a glass of milk. And you know what I feel great. Not even the slightest bit icky. A week later on full dairy diet and I feel amazing still. What a great diagnosis then. In fact all I have constructively learnt from the whole experience is a new found respect for people who genuinely need to stay dairy free (or anything else for that matter). How do they do it?


hattie said...

Most doctors that I've come across are generally patronising mooses. Apart from one that I've seen jogging places constantly. I kinda scared her I think since I said "Wow, you're that person that I see jogging. Everywhere!" Meh.

Congrats on the eating of dairy products. It's always fun.

Cool makeover on the page btw. Very funky

Jem said...

Lol I was quite impressed with the makeover thingy.. Was going to go all gothic and deathly with a black and red kinda thing but that would've taken faaar to much effort. And I was drinking hot choclate at the time :)

But yeah.. Doctors suck majorly.

Tony said...

Liking the new layout, looks good...i wondered where all the stuff about hot chocolate came from on msn O.o

Why would a non-dairy diet stop you from getting ill again? Me thinks the doccor just wanted some revenge for making them book an appointment :P

Anonymous said...

Hey just listening to Inside Out and Dave mentioned this site so thought i'd look. Its great and the doctors here (Strood - Kent) Just as bad but we don't get an appointment for about 2

Jem said...

Yea well it's just I know how to kick up a right fuss when I need to :)
Thanks for taking a look... Spread the word :P