Saturday, 28 June 2008

57 Varieties?

Now as some of you may know (and others of you may not) I work in a fish and chip shop. Now everyone who works will probably agree there is often a point at work where one finds themselves very bored. So what can one do when they find themselves bored at work? Chat to other members of staff? Do some unnecessary cleaning? Stare in great detail at minor things. Like the tomato sauce dispenser which proudly proclaims the apparent 57 varieties of Heinz sauces. It's got to be a pretty impressive spread if the number 57 is even in their phone number and P.O Box.. (or very sad.. Either way). So in my extreme boredom I find myself trying to recall all 57 varieties in my head. I get to about 3 (The three which we happen to sell in our shop; tomato sauce, mayonnaise and tartre sauce) and then run out of ideas. Now I must admit this is something which has been bugging me for a long time so I decide to do some research on the good ole' net only to discover the shocking truth... There aren't 57 varieties. There are thousands?!? (Though obviously what they are completly escapes me..) Now excuse my ignorance but is this not a shocking inaccuracy misleading customers? How many innocent bored victims have been mislead just because Heinz had an affection for a random number? Look on the Internet and there are hundreds if not thousands of posts on many separate forums and websites asking what the varieties are and each person probably driven to near insanity never having found an answer... Surely someone should call trading standards?


Tony said...

Truth is nobody knows, and in actual fact they never intended the "57 vatieties" slogan to mean anything. Nicked this from a website:

Our corporate history tells us that in 1896, Henry John Heinz noticed an advertisement for "21 styles of shoes." He decided that his own products were not styles, but varieties. Although there were many more than 57 foods in production at the time, because the numbers "5" and "7" held a special significance for him and his wife, he adopted the slogan "57 Varieties."

some random guy writing about random things said...

does tonys comment answer your question then

haha u work in the chippy and also well done my uneducated self couldnt spot any typos