Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Take A Hole Punch To Rubber and What Do You Get?

It's a brilliant, glowing Saturday and the sun is beaming down. I should be lying perhaps on an uninhabited desert island somewhere basking in the tropical sunlight contemplating s short dip in dazzling crystal seas. Or at least just down the local beach for ice cream and chips. Either which way goes, especially as I happen to be doing neither; I happen to be hunting down the latest must have wardrobe item with my sister. Is it the latest Louis Vuitton handbag? The new must have from Prada? An article from Gucci's summer collection? Nope.. We're hunting down the latest "wonder shoe". They come in several wonder lurid colours ranging from neon shades of green, yellow and pink to more subdued shades of navy blue and black. Nowadays, so I'm informed, some in even come with a glitter coating. They're apparently made of the latest high tech material which eliminate odour and place comfort as a top priority. And this material is? PCCR, an apparent new wonder material with takes on the best qualities from both rubber and plastic. Sounds amazing huh? And if that's not enough to leave you screaming out for more then maybe you should hear about the high tech breath-ability system. That's right, these incredible shoes come with button sized holes all across them. But don't worry if your feet don't like all that excess air you can now purchase special pins are being sold to fit into the holes available from all "good" shoe retailers. I notice they aren't stocked in Clarks, Animal or D2... So you can have rubber flowers or mickey mouse on your foot too. Great. You may have gathered by now I'm talking about, yes you guessed it, crocs. Otherwise know as someone taking a hole punch to some rubbery plastic clogs. Personally I think an incinerator would be much more effective.. Crocs were developed we the American yachting industry in mind not walking round sampletown highstreet! They feel, smell and most importantly look awful too so why exactly have we all gone gaga for a piece of plastic? All answers on a stamped addressed postcard, and if anyone come up with just one measly genuine reason I think I'll faint..


some random guy writing about random things said...

tell u what ill say it before matt does but there seams to be some typos in that blog

Surfer Gal said...

Hey I think that what you just said is very true. I myself is not concerned for the wealfare of other peoples fashion idea but trying to steer my own father from buying some so that I can walk down the high street and spend his money.

Jem said...

Darn you!!
Now I have two of those typo people..

Oh and alan you made one too....

x x

hattie said...

Everyone's gone crazy about them because the need to look stupid no matter what is written in most people's DNA. Simple, really.

Even I can see that they're horrible abominations to the world though, and that's saying something.